Evelina Macias

Evelina took advantage of all Career Institute had to offer right out of high school with “the best decision of her life” in the Hospitality Course. She was able to work and gain knowledge from the Financial Freedom course, setting her on a lifetime path of good financial decisions. With encouragement from leadership and great role models from Career Institute, she completed an associate’s degree in Sign Language Studies at Chaffey College in 2016.

Evelina is attended Mt. SAC completing her Interpreter Training Program. Evelina takes passion in her job as Student Ambassador for Career Institute and as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for two classes at Chaffey College. What she enjoys the most is that she can be a mentor, peer, and role model to lead fellow students on a path to a bright future. Evelina has now graduated Chaffey College, and is thinking of transferring to RCC, and join their amazing ASL Program!

Shane Huffman

Shane has been a participant and student ambassador with the Career Institute now for the past year and ever since the program he has been gaining experience and applying the skills he has learned from the program to his job at Petsmart and being a college student.


Using what he learned from the customer service class taught by LouAnne White, he recently received a review from a satisfied new kitten owner. The owner wasn’t exactly sure what to get or care for her new kitten, but Shane made her shopping experience easier and she felt ready to take of her kitten. From the knowledge and skills that he learned from the course, he was able to apply for job and be ready for customers.


Along with the College Guidance Specialist, picking a college and which classes to pick for the semester has helped Shane become a successful student. He is excited to continue his studies as a Veterinarian Technician.

Jonah Korsten

This is Jonah Kortsen- he is a very successful young man in his school, work and volunteer work.  His biggest accomplishments have been primarily school related. In 2016 Jonah graduated from Rim of the World High School with a 4.0 GPA. He then went to Chaffey College for his first semester in fall of 2016.

Despite the new struggles college has brought him, Jonah completed his first semester with a 3.61 GPA and is looking forward for another successful semester. Another big accomplishment for Jonah was being part of the varsity tennis team. His team elected Jonah as captain! He led his team into earning the title of league champions. In his free time he runs a youth program at his church, where a team of people work together to host meetings for youth as well as come up with retreats, concerts and outreaches for them.

After hearing about the Career Institute at his high school, Jonah was blown away by how good the program sounded. After meeting with one of the career mentors he was sold and took advantage of every benefit that the Career Institute had to offer. This had an enormous effect on his success.  Because of the Career Institute, Jonah recently completed an internship at the Chamber of Commerce in Lake Arrowhead. He was able to earn extra money to start off his savings plan for school!

At the Chamber Jonah has striven for success and was even asked to be hired on as an employee. Unfortunately, he had to turn down the offer due to already working two other jobs. Each month he sets aside a part of his pay check into a savings account so by the time Jonah transfers to Cal State San Bernardino he will have his entire tuition payed for without loans.

 The Career Institute taught Jonah valuable lessons about what an employer wants to see in a possible employee. He learned how to bring his “A-game” to work each and every day. On top of that the Career Institute has allowed him to be a Student Ambassador for 2016 and 2017. Being a student ambassador alone has benefited him in many ways. It has brought a new level of maturity out of Jonah and given him the chance to continually work hard and serve our communities.

Quote – “By doing the best that can be done at all times one will be successful.”